Monday, October 8, 2012

Upping the Ante in Social Media

#PBRTAMPA…”Like Us on Facebook…”@TeamPabst1844…#TEAMCOOPERTIRE…
These simple and somewhat foreign looking words and phrases have infinite power when it comes to today’s event marketing industry.  Whether it is hyping up an event a few days or even weeks before; starting banter between unique personalities involved in the event; or showcasing a behind-the-scenes and live perspective from an event; social media has become an integral part in how MAG continues to add value for its clients.  From MAG’s own Twitter and Facebook pages, to clients such as Cooper Tire and Pabst Blue Ribbon in which MAG assists in the execution of the company’s social media strategy, we continue to strengthen our approach to social media and how instrumental it can be in a brand’s efforts to connect with consumers.

Earlier this year, as the MAG team redesigned its website, we also took a similar approach in reinvigorating our social media outlets and dedicated ourselves to spending more time connecting with brands and consumers through these outlets.  With the help of FanBridge, we added a new element to our Facebook page called MAG Live.  MAG Live allows fans to keep up with more of our action by showcasing an event calendar, featured videos from past events, and showcasing our Twitter feed, all in one simple platform.  Leading up to, during, and following each event, we also post the latest news and highlights pertaining to specific events.  Following each event, we also post pictures and other content on both our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Taking things one step further, a few of MAG’s clients have also asked for MAG’s involvement within their own social media strategy.  Earlier in 2012, the @TeamCooperTire Twitter account was created.  @TeamCooperTire is dedicated to all the latest updates on members of Team Cooper Tire from Professional Bull Riding, TORC Off-Road Racing, Global RallyCross, Cooper Tire Prototype Lites, the USF2000 Series, Formula Drift, and more.  @TeamCooperTire has provided Cooper Tire with a platform to extend their brand beyond just the event footprint itself.  By joining the social media realm, @TeamCooperTire has brought new life to its sponsorships with these properties by involving bull riding and motorsports personalities in discussion, providing live updates from each event, and pre and post event news pertaining to each event. 

Another MAG client, Pabst Blue Ribbon, which is well known for its unique sense of humor associated with its brand, also saw social media as an opportunity to extend its reach among its sponsorship of Professional Bull Riding, as well.  Pabst created a twitter account, @TeamPabst1844.  This new Twitter handle is an effort to play the part of the “sports loving individual” that finds their way into behind-the-scenes access at PBR events.  Although @TeamPabst1844 is well within its beginning stages, MAG continues to work with Pabst to develop a strategy to best capture the consumer’s attention through social media.

As MAG continues to develop its business in a way that will best suit the needs of its clients, social media has and will be one of the instrumental parts in developing the best plan to do so.  2012 has been a huge year in shaping the way we approach this, with more interest already coming from clients that recognize the importance.  We look forward to continuing to grow this facet of our business and helping more clients to come.  Make sure to follow us on Twitter at @FollowMAG and Like Us on Facebook at